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28th May

Brazilian Banging

At a trendy club in Brazil, on vacation with Matt, Phil and the rest of the click, was the last place I expected the cfnm fuck scene to emerge. But cfnm is an act of pure, steamy, fucking incredible sexual pleasure that takes place all around the globe and I can speak to that after this scintillating experience.

I think the girl’s name was Margarita but I can’t really recall. I do remember her body shaking every which way and me slipping my fingers into her pussy on the stage in the corner, sort of trailing off the main scene. It was jumping and everybody seemed to find a partner to dance with, but Margarita and I were certainly getting comfortable.

She told me she was in the market for “big, American dick” and that’s when we went downstairs into the bathroom and she pulled my dick out and started throating it. Right away, it was electric.

The sexual tension quickly evaporated as she started stripping me naked and going to work on my big dick as I began oozing of feel-good noises before inserting my dick into her wet pussy.

I jammed her hard and often and at her request to go harder and nail her pussy extremely hard I started fucking the snot out of her.

I then pulled my dick out, grabbed her ass and felt that buttery-soft specimen of a butt that felt so good I ended up licking it. I then re-inserted my dick in her mouth, sort of with force and she seemed to like the rough aspect as she continued to give me a fucking banging cfnm blowjob with her buggy eyes pasted on me.

I then started fucking her from behind, pulverizing her pussy against the wall as she screamed for more and I didn’t let up. I continued to pump as hard as I can and began hearing my heart beat as I pulled out and decorated her pretty little butt with cum dressing.

Damn did that feel good.

26th April

CFNM Exhibitionism

Cherrie Rose XXX Porn Blowjob

I had been talking to this cherrie, happy go lucky, always rosey slut - real perky kind – for a couple weeks and I could tell she was a hornball, just weird about how she got it. She sent me some sexy pictures, real dirty, playing with herself, checking herself out in the mirror, a few more filthy – but we hadn’t fucked yet but I couldn’t figure out why.

So one night, late Wednesday, she’s hanging out with her friends and even though it wasn’t my crowd – a little weird, either geekier or out of shape or whatever – fuck it, I wanted to go see this bitch. We were close the whole night, slipping her tongue here and there, letting my fingers crawl around her thong and grabbing her ass, and I complimented her tramp stamp, how much I wish I could cum all over it.

“Then why don’t you,” she asked.

With that I knew we were good to go – but she wasn’t going to any bedroom or leaving the party. She began undressing me right there in front of the party, even taking out my sausage and slurping it down, public cfnm blowjob, real exhibitionist shit and I didn’t care that her friends were watching because her lips were so damn efficient! No teeth, full throat, fiddling with my balls, rubbing my thighs as I FUCKED her face.

On one of the rounds when she pulled off my dick to lip my balls, while giving me a cfnm handjob, she asked if I still wanted to blow my cum on her ass and I nodded, excited at where we were taking this. She slipped her shorts off, bent over and slapped that booty in front of my cock, over by the couch and I went over and began piping her in front of her friends. They were cheering and even offering us drinks, like if nothing unusual was happening, and that’s when I realized that she had noticed my cfnm fetish – but she had her own exhibitionist fetish, which is why I hadn’t gotten laid earlier! Haha! The best of both worlds, I just keep fucking her until I pull out and cum all over her tramp stamp and everyone began clapping.

13th April

Ride in the Car

Cherrie Rose XXX Porn Fetish

My friend, Rose, this sexy vixen who fucks a friend of mine said she’d do me the favor and drop me off at this meeting I needed to be at, because my car was in the shop and this was a very important job interview. I threw her some gas money, while staring at her ass, and god, this girl was fine, I could smell the sex out of her pores, the kind of girl who you can tell if she’s in the fucking building, she smells so good. Her pheromones were hot.

We had plenty to chat about, because we always hung out in the same social circles, she was like the pervert who had fucked my friends, and I was the pervert who had fucked her friends, and yet there was this tension between us. But since we’re both perverts, I began shooting sexual scenarios, stupid shit, just to see how she responds. Stuff like “If I throw you extra cash for gas, and eat your pussy on the way home, would you do me this favor again?” to which she’d smirk and reply “maybe” or “not sure” but I knew she had a strong sexual appetite based off my buddy’s stories, she was like the female version of me. Rose had all kinds of kinky fetishes, stuff my friends couldn’t handle, but I was intrigued by that shit.

The interview goes great – quick – and with nothing else to do, I offer to go get some lunch. I buy us both drinks, keeping myself a little more sober because someone has to fucking drive, and on the drive home we’re laughing and joking and a lot less reserved, I even smacked her ass “innocently” with a newspaper as we left the spot. In the car, I shift my junk and she can see my gargantuan bulge, and when I complain about the heat I even removed my shirt, take off a bit of the over-dressed suit stuff, and a little dirty talk later I’m getting a CFNM blowjob, slow-motion, as she deep throats it and I’m reaching over playing with her pussy.

I keep rocking her face while fingering her cunt, and she’s talking dirty and giving me a cfnm handjob, kissing me, and I pull over to the side when I’m about to bust a nut and she takes it in then spits it out the window. Dirty girl. Then I take it to the back, diving into her soaked waterbed, tight pussy feeling and tasting good as she grinds against my face so I lick her ass and that shit just gets me hard again.

She squats backwards a second, curling down to kiss me and see how she tastes, before sitting on my face again and tugging me cfnm handjob style, rock hard once more, before she’s ready to sit on my dick as I finger her ass and she’s reaching back to slap my face and talking dirty like she’s the one fucking me. I wish all road trips were this pleasure-filled.

7th March

Cumming 2 Korea

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So my old boy Eddy is always talking about how I should see other countries because of how much I love these Asian girls I see in his pictures.  He’s in the military, second tour to South Korea, so we make plans in our schedules so when my vacation time hits I went to visit him and he showed me where to stay and where to go, etc.  He’s a pro at this and knows exactly where we can cum find some fun.
Around the base you have all sorts of services for the American soldiers, friendly bilingual types who sell things we want to buy, appreciate the protection we offer the country, and offer a lot of entertainment to boot.  Clubs, massage parlors, bars – hundreds of them, often 3 or 4 in a single building on multiple floors – so of course my buddy knows a place to nurture our wangs.
We get there and strip down, and before we’ve even paid we have some Korean beauty tugging us by our cocks and jerking us as she walks us in, escorting us to our rooms, a cfnm handjob on the go. Instead of us seeing the girls, its the girls seeing us, fiddling with our balls and them sorting amongst themselves which one had the privilege of serving me and my bro. Damn right the parlors here beat the ones back home!
I had three babes feuding because they wanted to tackle my dick, while my buddy was a regular with his own pre-arranged favorite – but for the sake of peace, I opted to take all three girls, fuck it, and soon they’re pouring oil on my man-hood and tugging it around.  Tough grips and tight bodies, they knew how to milk a man’s meat with a quickness and I blew my cum on all their pretty little faces.  As a bonus, American money goes a long way over there, and I took one of the girls as my “personal tour guide” during my stay, for whenever my buddy had to go to work.  Wicked!
24th February

Cfnm Domination

Carol is this cfnm blowjob queen that loves abusing the male studs. She fucks a lot with male dancers, guys with fit bodies who are spoiled rotten with free pussy wherever they go, but when Carol gets ahold of them its a whole other game, as she fucks them until they can feel their man-meat anymore. George and I found her through a gig we were doing, dancing for college money back in the day, and she brutalized George one day, just stripping him, blindfolding him – and then tying him up in so many ways that he didn’t realize how stuck he was until he tried toe scape. She sucked him off til he came, then sucked him off until it hurt, and then forced fucked herself with his dick after she was positive he couldn’t cum anymore. What started off as an easy cfnm suckjob became a mini dominance scene for my boy George!

So we kept in touch and when we were looking for a new place, they had a place for rent at her apartment – sweet deal – and we pay our visits when we’re moving in. At the door she already knew what we had in mind, and we all played along in the little roleplay, stripping down and pretending we’re the dominant ones up until she manages to blindfold us and then – BAM -I didn’t even see the cuffs she used, but me and my boy are trapped and she’s double-tugging our cocks, smooth stroking, sucking back and forth taking turns between us. With two cocks to offer, she was more merciful, letting me cum first and early and then pushing me to the couch while she went to work on George, the whole time keeping one of her hands on my balls and massaging me back to function. She was getting us to cum in order, so she could fuck me first while George recuperated , you know? What a gal! I can’t see anything but I feel her stroking my balls, sometimes reaching over to lick and tongue it, until I feel her grab my shaft and that wet waterway of a pussy sliding on to it and then I feel her tits in my face. I start sucking on her tits, and I can hear her commanding “lick that ass” to George, so I figure she has him kneeling and tonguing her backside while his dick gets ready, and everything is going great when suddenly there’s a motion – and I can tell my buddy is piping her ass! Double-penetration cfnm, both of us enjoying it and yet dominated, cuffed and blindfolded, doing what we’re allowed while her skirt is hiked up and we both just came so we’re not going to tire out any time soon during round two. By the time we’re ready to cum again, she tugs on our cocks like handles and stands us up, taking both dicks in her mouth at once, getting greedy for our seed. What a filthy girl!

And what a bitch to boot. She kicked us out as we were and tossed a key in the hallway so we had to figure out how to get out of our cuffs before anyone saw us. Of course we kept fucking her, damn, some of these dominant females have some boss sex games!

4th February

Jamaican Juicer

One of the best things about having dykes as friends are their friends – a sad thing (people being intolerant) becomes a good thing (she’s a pro at finding open-minded people), and this in turn results in finding more freaks than average! Every time I hang out with her, there are girls going on each other, bisexual chicks, fetish sluts, all kinds of kinky fun.

So one day she gives me a tip from a friend of hers, a massage parlor above a laundromat on Coral Way where I can get a good CFNM tugjob from these foreign bitches. She knows I like to throw cash at the Chinese parlors, where their tight grips make me shoot loads – no problem. But I’m always wishing I could find different kinds of girls for this set-up, and bam, this girl found it. The Asian chicks are used to more petite men, so they usually are shocked by my size, but the sluts at this new place were just thrilled!

I got two girls – a Columbian latina babe with this amazing ass and ample tits, along with this Jamaican beauty who was so black, her eyes and smile seemed to glow and all I could think about was glazing that beautiful skin. I threw in the cost, plus a generous tip, and without delay they start double-massaging my balls (I didn’t know so many fingers can fit in a patch of skin!), and using their other fingers to cream each others hands and begin the cfnm handjob.

Soon enough the Spanish chick is stroking my dick double-handed, pouring oil on my rod – but what really got to me was the Jamaican who was sucking on my nuts, really bringing out that feeling from inside, you know? My dick gets massive at that point, and the Spanish chick jerks me off enthusiastically, up until the Jamaican waves her aside and takes control, massaging my balls until I spray my spunk all across that smile. Fucking un-be-lievable!

21th January

Cfnm at a party!

This week we dug up another video of worldwide cfnm! Some of the girls seem nervous, some of them are shocked, some of them are excited – and some of these are straight up sluts sucking off the male entertainment!  Awesome.

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7th January

Cfnm Sample Clip

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Hey guys!  I’ve been doing images for a bit, but I decided to switch things up with some video clips I had tucked away in a folder. Cfnm parties gone mad, look at these horny slutty girls suck off the male dancers and strippers until they cum all over the places.  Top notch work.  Some men dream – some men live the dream – but these fuckers get paid to live the dream.

23th December

Cfnm meets Anal – hoozah!


I always knew a “kink-exchange” is the best way to get a girl revved up for something new – you do something she thinks is hard to find, you do something you find hard to get, and you both end up happy.

So Teresa and I are talking during lunch and she’s a little frustrated and always comes to me for a man’s opinion, and it turns out her guy wasn’t into anal sex.  She had been awkward about it at first too, but once she learned how to enjoy it, she finds it spicy and fun.  But he just wasn’t into pounding her backside.  Maybe he thought it was dirty, but like most girls, she cleaned her butt hole extra before sex to make sure she’s perfect.

Still – nothing.  He wasn’t even mildly curious.

So I compared it to cfnm, and I explained how not many girls know about it or are into it – she didn’t know either, so I googled a video to show her a scene, and she seemed pretty curious about it.  She asked me “how’d you find out about this” and I explained how I loved cfnm, that was my own vice that I couldn’t always find a girl for, and she immediately asked if I wanted to have a cfnm anal fuck.

It took all of half a second for me to let my clothes fly, and since the video she had seen had the girls being more dominant and such, I just kept quiet as she pushed me back and began a cfnm blowjob.  Her warm wet mouth wrapped around my dick, massaging it with her tongue til it was rock-solid, I felt no guilt for her guy who had caused this situation by not pleasing his girl.

A while she gave me head, more aggressively over time, a sweet cfnm blowjob before pulling down her panties and stroking her pussy.  It switched to cfnm sex right there, as she told me to “sit” like a dog, then pushed me all on the floor and mounted me cowgirl style.  I loved her tight pussy!  Moaning loud, she couldn’t shut up about how great my cock felt and I could see her spit on her fingers and play with her asshole, preparing for what came next.

When she was good and ready, she leaned over, kissing me with lots of tongue and in whispered breathes told me “I want you to fuck my ass” and then she got off me and bent over the table.  If her cunt was tight, her ass was going to be nothing but pleasure and after spitting in it, I slid my manslinger in and after working it a couple minutes it was full fledged cfnm anal, and her top opened up letting her tits sway back and forth.

She told me she liked this because she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant, it felt dirty in a slutty way for a guy to have her like that, but best of all she could feel it in her ass and her pussy, since the skin separating the two is so sensitive.  The pain and pleasure of getting butt fucked was – to her – like when a guy first fucked her when she was a virgin.  It felt fucking great.

And when she got more comfortable, she sat me back down on a chair and rode me as I fingered her.  We went at it until I could feel the pressure building and then I busted a huge cum-load in the dark depths of her bottom, and in front my fingers felt as her pussy clenched – as if it could squeeze my cock for more – and she just shook for a few seconds having a hell of an anal orgasm. Wooo!

17th December

Peeping Pleasures


So this babe – my neighbor – is always getting home late and drunk, and she’s one of the hottest girls I’ve seen around here.  A couple times I’ve even helped her in, she could barely walk straight, but this one time I remember I helped her in and then peeked through her window to make sure she was alright – instead, she had lain down and started fingering herself!!!!!  This girl was hot and I just started jerking it in the bushes as she pleasured herself, and I wondered if I dare sneak in when then she noticed me – but she just kept playing with herself, teasing me through the window.  The image hasn’t left my head and only made me want to spy on her more often every time I helped her from the club.

Now usually her friends would pick her up and drop her off, but last night the two other girls stayed over and I was afraid of getting caught by one of them since I had no idea if they would be cool with it.  By my god – these girls looked amazing – so I figured I’d sneak over in the morning to get a peek at them instead.  I had no guarantee when they’d go to bed, but I was sure they’d be knocked the fuck out the next morning, so it seemed like a good plan.

So I snuck outside her window and sure enough her two friends were there, one of them passed out in her underwear and the other one just barely waking up – I just loved the sight of those huge tits and fat ass.  I was getting hard wood quick and was about to beat one out, but then realized that my neighbor – the main girl – wasn’t there.  I didn’t see as she came up from behind and then pet her fingers around my shaft.  She knew I liked to spy, and she had been spying on me in return, and then she tapped on the glass hard enough for her friends to quit playing stupid and rush out.  They were bait! Omg.

So there I was in the bushes, pants dropped and my neighbor holding my cock when the other two came out and I shit you not they began giving me a cfnm blowjob.  I was already so horny from my neighbor sucking the tip, but the two girls on the side were amazing and those sluts gave a wonderful cfnm blowjob because I struggled to keep control.  My neighbor begins fingering herself beneath her shorts and when she pulls off her two friends suck on my shaft while she explains “I’ve been wanting to do this every time I saw you outside jerking it, you were so nice to help me” and then they move aside so she could get back on my dick as she fingers herself.  She took her own female lubricant and put it on my shaft, and gave me a cfnm tugjob with her own juices!  Fucking crazy. When I was about to cum, they got into a 3-way kiss on my head, and I swear I’ve never nutted so hard in my life.

And then she explained, “my friends here always pick me up because they need to get away from their boyfriends who don’t know how to fuck – so I suggested I had a nice, keeps-it-secret guy who is always horny, that they could go to” and the took me inside to get better acquainted with them all.